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Kal-Coins Digital Currency

What Are Kal-Coins?

Kal-Coins are a digital currency created by Kal-Electibles you earn by hanging out with us on our Youtube, Mixer Or Twitch live streams, playing games and betting your Kal-Coins. We also do Kal-Coin giveaways. You must be a subscriber or follower of our Youtube, Mixer or Twitch channel below to earn Kal-Coins and be able to spend them






Every 10,000 Kal-Coins equals $10 in our webstore Kal-Electibles

You have to have at least 20,000 Kal-Coins to make a purchase, to make sure you have enough to cover the product + shipping. 

Once you reach 20,000 Kal-Coins you become a Kal-Pal-Mod in our live streams, which means you earn Double the Kal-Coins. You have to keep 20,000 Kal-Coins on reserve to stay a Kal-Pal-Mod, otherwise you lose the Double coin bonus.

How To Use Kal-Coins

Starting July 31st 2019 

You will need to create an account on https://kalelectibles.com/account/login first to be able to cash in your Kal-Coins for items. This is in a experimental phase so be patient with us on getting your Kal-Coin items shipped out.  When you want to purchase a item you will log in to your account on https://kalelectibles.com/account/login and add the item/s to your cart you want to purchase. One of the payment options will be Kal-Coins, you will checkout and complete the transaction. As long as the item is in stock and you have enough Kal-Coins on your account on Youtube, Mixer or Twitch you will get a email confirmation of the exact Kal-Coin total after shipping before the item ships out. If you do not have enough Kal-Coins the item will go back available in the store. 

If you have any questions feel free to message us and we will help in any way possible