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Youtube Chatbot Commands


!kalcoins - shows how many coins you have collected from watching the stream

!donate - Link to donate to the channel 

!discord - Link to our discord 

!giveaway - This months giveaway

!psn - Our Playstation Network ID

!social - All of our social links

!quote - Random Inspirational Quote

!coinstore - links you to the Kal Coin store where you can spend your Kal Coins for product (OPENS DECEMBER 2018)

!makeitrain - Cost 500 Kal Coins - Gives 10 -100 Kal Coins To Everyone In Chat


!heist (amount 1 - 1000) - Bank Heist with 1 or more players

!ffa free for all fight, can only have 1 victor. Cost 30 coins to enter

!duel (Users id) - Battle with another chatter to win kalcoins

!boss - Cost 20 Battle it out with one of many different villains to see if you can come out of it victorious - This has to be done with at least 3 other chatters

!hangman - Starts a game of hangman that everyone can play. use !guess to guess letters and !guessword to guess the word. Guess letter cost 10, guess word cost 25, guess vowel cost 15. Find letter reward 20, guess right word reward 500

!gamble (amount 1 - 20000) - Roll 1-60 (Lose) 61 - 98 (Double Your Bet) 99 - 100 (Triple Your Bet) - Type !gamble jackpot (Checks current Jackpot, goes up when people lose)

!flipcoin - Cost 50 Flips the coin for 3 x 50 kal coins - U win or Lose that simple

!kaldice - Cost 20 coins - Roll Dice And Hit Right Number Can Win Up To 100 Times Your Roll

!slots - Cost 50 Roll 3 Themed Symbols - Rewards : Two Emotes Separated (100), Two Emotes Together (150), Three Emotes The Same (250), Three Super Jackpot Emotes (750)

!roulette (options : high, low, red, black, even, odd, zero, basket, dozen1-3, column1-3, any single number) (Amount 25 - 1000) - For more information on the payout amounts check this link: http://imgur.com/a/uu1Yf